PERSMAX Sonic Plaque Remover For Teeth

PERSMAX Sonic Plaque Remover For Teeth IMPORTANT FAQ


1. Why does it not vibrate after turning on the machine? Is it damaged?

Answer: This is because PERSMAX uses sonic technology instead of motor vibration. When you have fully charged the machine and turned it on, it will not start vibrating until it touches a tooth or other hard object (you can try it on the ceramic first). And when the machine is working, it will only have extremely low noise, and the handle will not vibrate.

2. Even after adjusting to the maximum mode, the power is still too low when using it.

Answer: The vibration frequency of the PERSMAX electric plaque remover is as high as 2,000,000 times per minute, which can already meet the needs of oral cleaning. Please check the following two aspects,

· Whether the battery is about to run out.

· Whether the cleaning head is installed firmly, please use a small wrench to tighten the cleaning head.

3. Why does the indicator light not light up when charging?

Answer: Please charge it first after receiving the goods. It is normal if the charging indicator light is turned on within 20 minutes, and the battery needs to be stored. After a full charge, you need to unplug the charging cable and press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it on; in the same way, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it off.

4. Is it really ultrasonic?
Yes! Real high-power real ultrasonic; vibration frequency up to 2 million times per minute! It will stop automatically when it touches the gums! Equipped with medical grade 316 stainless steel tip!

5. Can dental calculus really be removed?
Yes, it is possible, this is a true ultrasonic dental scaler! The operation is simple, it can easily remove all kinds of stubborn dental calculus, dental stains, dental plaque, and does not damage the teeth.

6. Dose it hurt your teeth? 
It won't hurt your teeth, it won't hurt! Ultrasound is used to clean up dirty things such as tooth stains: it will work only when it touches hard objects such as teeth and tartar! It stops working automatically when it touches gums, lips and other soft tissues! Similar to dental cleaning, it does not really hurt the teeth, and there will be no pain!

7. Can it get rid of the teeth and tartars that have been stained by smoking for more then 10 years?
Yes, it uses high-power ultrasound! Similar to dental cleaning, no matter how stubborn dental calculus is, it can be removed!
It can deeply remove tobacco stains, dental calculus, dental plaque, dental stains, tartar, etc.! Strong removal force, safe and effective!

8. Can yellow teeth and caries be removed?
In order to protect the teeth, the power of the product is relatively low, because the product has the property of removing calculus. It is specialized in removing the dirt attached to the surface of the tooth and the gaps. It has no effect on the yellowing of the tooth itself or the tooth defect. (Tooth yellow is recommended to use us Tooth paste and tooth powder)

9. How long does it take to remove dental calculus?
It's easy to get started with real ultrasound to remove dental calculus, but the removal also takes time, which will test a person's patience; according to the feedback of customers who have already cleaned dental calculus: generally, mild dental calculus takes about 5-15 minutes; Routine dental calculus cleaning will take about half an hour; for severe cases, it will take about 1 hour to 1.5 hour; if it is particularly severe, it will be thoroughly removed and cleaned in multiple times.

10. Is it complicated to use?
This dental scaler is carefully adjusted, suitable for home use, and has a simplified design and simple operation! 99% of ordinary consumers, whether men or women, can easily get started! If you have any questions, you can leave a message on the official website and we will deal with it in time.

11. Can pregnant women and children also use it? Who else can't use it?
Pregnant women and children over 13 years old can operate and use under correct guidance! But patients with hemophilia and patients with pacemakers are best not to use it! It is not recommended for people with fainting needles or extremely sensitive gums; infants and young children are strictly prohibited!

12. Can it be used for brushing teeth?
No, this is a completely different principle from an electric toothbrush: an electric toothbrush is a mechanical motor vibration!
This product of ours is an ultrasonic transducer and cannot be used as a toothbrush!

13. Is it flushing? What's the difference?
No, our model is water-free tooth washing, no water spray! Principle of Ultrasonic Scaling: Professionally remove stubborn dental calculus and stains that have been deposited for a long time; different from ordinary flushing dental scrubbers, flushing type, its main function is to flush out newly produced food residues, which cannot remove dental calculus. ; The two functions are different and are complementary. If it is to remove calculus, you can only use this ultrasonic dental scaler.

14. There are signs of wear on the bottom of the received product?
Abrasion marks on the bottom are part of the burr remaining and are not a quality problem.

15.How often to charge? How long does it take to fill up?
When fully charged, the machine can be used continuously for about 2 hours. According to the cleaning frequency, it is generally charged once every 3-6 months.

Why Do You Need a PERSMAX Electric Dental Calculus Remover?

  • Using real sonic high-frequency vibration technology, Up to 2,000,000 vibrations per minute for perfect teeth cleaning. Effectively remove the stubborn dirt & tooth stains between the teeth. Effectively remove the dental calculus, plaque, tartar and scrape the stain on the tooth surface. 
  • Safe and non-damaging, using the Intelligently Identify Technology, it stops when you touch the gums at work, avoiding gum damage, It reduces the damage to enamel and gums caused by manual dental tools. 
  • Easy to use, save time and money. 3 adjustable modes, suitable for different gum needs, keep the oral cavity healthy. Save your money and time expenses by comparing
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I have been using the Plaque Remover for Teeth, PERSMAX Electric Tooth Cleaner with 3Modes, Dental Tartar Calculus Tooth Stain Remover Cleaning Tool Kit 100% Safe which I purchased from Amazon. I really enjoying using it. My teeth get calculus very easily. However, I noticed that when I am trying to remove the calculus, black inky like residue forms and settles on the teeth. I try to brush off with my normal toothbrush and toothpaste and some of the black inky residue still remains. Please could you advise on how to remedy ?
Thank you.


Brand new dental scaler / black not charging no charging indicator light seen brand new out of box . Charger is fine correct cord …charged 5 hrs still nothing

susan maslar

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