PERSMAX Teeth Whitening Strips FAQ

PERSMAX Teeth Whitening Strips FAQ


Q: How do the PERSMAX Whitening Strips work?

A:The PERSMAX Teeth Whitening Strips are soft and sticky, with a layer of whitening ingredient on the film. Once easily attached to the teeth, they produce a large number of bubbles, i.e. the ecological reactive oxygen. The oxygen safely penetrates into enamel and dentin to clean pigments and stains, so as to whiten your teeth.

Q: How long should the strips be applied to the teeth?

A:The general duration is about 30 to 60 minutes. For the first time, there may be much saliva. You can do something to distract your attention and reduce the saliva secretion. Generally, after using the strips for 2 or 3 times, there will be relatively less saliva. (PS: They are dry strips, and you can drink water in use)

Q: Will the PERSMAX Whitening Toothpaste damage enamel?

A:The major ingredient of the PERSMAX Extreme White Strips is widely adopted by global dentists. It will not harm gums or damage enamel; and various tests and long-term practices prove its effectiveness and safety.

Q: Can I swallow saliva in oral cavity during using?

A:Yes, you can swallow saliva during using. There is no side effect caused. Please do not sleep whilst using the strips.

Q: Will the PERSMAX Whitestripes damage teeth or cause gum discomfort?

A:Although the formula is very mild some may experience some teeth or gum discomfort. The effect is normally only temporary. However, if the irritation persists remove the strips and discontinue use.



ㄨ People who have periodontitis, periodontal atrophy, gingivitis or enamel hypoplasia.

ㄨ People who have cracked or sensitive teeth.

ㄨ Not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 16.

ㄨ Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding.

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