The key details of the operation of the ultrasonic dental scaler

The key details of the operation of the ultrasonic dental scaler

Please operate according to the process, eight major processes

① Please fully charge the machine first! (Reason: the factory only comes with test virtual power: to avoid the embarrassment of running out of power during operation; also in order to achieve maximum efficiency)

②Start with a pointed tip! (Reason: the tip is sharp and the most used! The pressure is strong, the operation is quicker to get started! The working status can be judged by the squeaking sound)

③Tighten! Be sure to tighten! (Reason: it can't work normally if it is not tightened! The fuselage transmits energy for the ultrasonic movement, which needs a tight link)

④It is best to test with a small wrench! (Metal and solid surfaces with resistance are the easiest to squeak! The glass is too smooth without resistance to produce squeaks)

⑤ Hold the pen gesture! (Very important! Most suitable for the best gestures! Hold the machine lightly without restricting the work of the machine, so that the machine can exert its maximum efficiency)

⑥The inclination angle with the cleaning surface is 0~15 degrees? (The ultrasonic energy converted by the machine can be transmitted to the contact surface more, and the use effect is also the best)

⑦Test experience duration: generally 3-5 times, about 3 days, the longer you use it, the better the effect, the deeper your understanding of the product, the better you can grasp the efficiency of the machine! (After proficiency, the effect of using the product is very different from the product achieved in the novice period! It takes a little patience! Patience!)


The product is ultrasound! It is completely different from the operation of an electric toothbrush!

①Can't turn on when charging! If you want to turn on, please wait for the full power to unplug the cable, and then turn on again!

②Ultrasonic does not work in the air after starting up!

③No reaction to soft objects such as skin, lips, gums, newspapers, books, etc.! Not working!

④It will work automatically when it touches hard tooth surface or dental calculus! The fuselage is silent when working! very quiet!

⑤ Ultrasonic vibration will be generated when it touches hard objects such as teeth, ceramics, metals, etc., and intermittent sizzling sound will be produced. Test method: Please use the tip of the working tip to touch the included small wrench to test more, there will be a squeaking sound! Note: The product is not broken! It does not vibrate! Doesn't vibrate!

Pointed tip: To remove calculus, plaque, and dental stains between teeth, around and under the gums, novices recommend using a pointed tip first.
Flat head: Used to remove large calculus, dental plaque, dental stains, etc. on the surface of the tooth neck, crown and other teeth.

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